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A spacious control room and large versatile studio area make this flagship studio ideal for large ensembles and for all that appreciate the value of having some air around their notes.


The main room is divided into two separate spaces, with a brighter sounding (7,2 x 4,7 meter) space connected to the larger (11,4 x 10,4 meter) tracking area with clear lines of sight.


Visual communication is crucial when tracking – that’s why each of our six large BBC-style Gobo’s has been built containing a small window, so that you catch that all important nod, wink, or hand gesture when laying that groove down.


They offer great isolation too – your whole band can set up in the same room and record with the same vibe you have on stage – yes, back to basics.


It’s better in a BIG Studio!


Studio One is all about the vibe – it’s a truly special place to record, steeped in history and ready to excite the muse in you.

…while on the other side of the glass

You’ll love the flexibility of the 72-Channel SSL Duality SE.

Command Central

Combined with its 1150-point patch field, you’ll have more routing ability than an octopus on a switchboard!


The signal path is all-analog and needless to say it sounds incredible. Tracking an mixing through this board is an absolute pleasure as it offers a blank canvas on which to create your sound.


The Duality’s circuits are designed with musicality in mind and there are many ways to shape your sounds once they are laid out across its faders. Engineers who have been working inside-the-box for a while, often comment at how quickly songs start to gel once they embrace the workflow it offers.


While you can shape and sculpt most of your tones on the SSL, you may be looking for something just a little bit different. We have a selection of both modern and classic outboard processors available to patch into the system – some of these live in the racks behind the consoles in each studio, others float between sessions, so just make sure to request specific items when you make your booking.

Fun Tone-Shapers

If you have a pressing need for a specific item that you don’t see here, please let us know as we have contacts country-wide, who are willing to rent in additional instruments, microphones, or processing at reasonable fees.

Forget your timpani on the bus? don’t worry we’ve got you covered
Our Yamaha G7 is brighter sounding than the C7 in studio 2 – great jazz piano & cuts through a dense arrangement nicely
Yes, we can wheel our Studer A827’s in if you have a budget for tape and want to kick it old school!

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Key Technical Features